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The first week of October 2016 is offering a good chance to identify a few Nakshtras of Indian Astronomy.  The map below depicts the sky above the western horizon about 20 min after the sunset.  Of course it will not be so dark as seen on the map.  This map is generated to accommodate position of Chitra Nakshtra on 2nd of October. Let us trace the path of the Moon day by day



  • Oct 2: one can possibly make out thin lunar crescent and the bright star Spica or Chitra  Nakshtra.
  • Oct 3: Moon is in Swati Nakshtra but this star known in English as Arcturus is rather too far.
  • Oct 4 – 5: So happens that as per the Indian Calendar the Moon remain in Vishakha Nakshtra.  This is part of Libra (or Tula ) constellation.  Here one can also find Venus shining brilliantly.
  • Oct 6: Moon is now quite bright.  It is in Anuradha Nakshtra.  This Nakshtra is part of Scorpius (Vrishchik) constellation. One can also see Saturn below the Moon andwe also see Antares the brightest star in Scorpius right below Saturn. The Moon is actually just at boundary of Anuradha and about to enter Jyeshta.
  • Oct 7: The Moon is in Jyestha Nakshtra or Antares.
  • Oct 8: in  Moola Nakshtra or the Sting part of Scorpius.
  • Oct 9: and in PurvaShadha

If you watch the sky over this period you will notice changing position of Venus with respect to the star next to it. It is Zubenelgenubi (not marked). This star is a beautiful binary star.  Look at it through a small telescope or a pair of binoculars.

***   Happy Sky Gazing ***

On this site I am updating the forthcoming astronomical events.

The listed events here are keeping in mind observers in Indian subcontinent but are generally valid for those in the latitude range between  0 and 35 N latitude.

Unless otherwise specified all the material (text and images etc.) is generated by me and are essentially copy left. That is to say that anyone is free to make use of the material posted here. I will not put any stuff with copy write tag here.

I do not seek any credit per se.  If you make use of the material from here it would be highly appreciated. And a line of credit is indeed welcome.  But I leave that to the user.

And of course your constructive criticism is always welcome.

Arvind Paranjpye
email: paranjpye.arvind@gmail.com

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