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For June 20 and 21, 2015

If you have clear sky over the western horizon at about 45 minutes after the sunset then don’t miss this beautiful spectacles.   On 2oth thin lunar crescent will be see south (or left) of brilliant Venus and Jupiter.  Star Regulus ( is Magha nakshtra) is in line with the two planets and above them.  Then on 21st the lunar crescent is between Jupiter and Venus.

If you are flying : If close to sunset you are flying northwards (like from Mumbai to Delhi) A or Alpha seat. Flying south like Kolkata to Chennai take F or Foxtrot (in 737).


Jupiter and Venus are closing – they will be less than half a degree from each other on the evening of July 1st – come back to this page for a graphic about this event.

***   Happy Sky Gazing ***

On this site I am updating the forthcoming astronomical events.

The listed events here are keeping in mind observers in Indian subcontinent but are generally valid for those in the latitude range between  0 and 35 N latitude.

Unless otherwise specified all the material (text and images etc.) is generated by me and are essentially copy left. That is to say that anyone is free to make use of the material posted here. I will not put any stuff with copy write tag here.

I do not seek any credit per se.  If you make use of the material from here it would be highly appreciated. And a line of credit is indeed welcome.  But I leave that to the user.

And of course your constructive criticism is always welcome.

Arvind Paranjpye
email: paranjpye.arvind@gmail.com

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    That’s a good effort! I’ve book-marked this site for frequent updates.

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    This is extremely good, Arvind. Will send friends here….

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