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Zero Shadow Is Here Again

Once again the season of Zero Shadow Day is back.  See your shadow vanishing right under your feet……

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Lyrid meteor shower

Lyrid meteor shower is expected to peak on

April 23rd at 00:00 GMT or April 23rd at 5:30 IST.

FAQ:  I head that there will be a meteor shower on the night of April 23rd.

ANS:  Yes! on the night of April 23rd Lyrid meteor shower is expected to peak at about 5:30 IST. That is to say that around 5:30 the Lyrid shower will be highly active.

FAQ: What do you mean by Lyrid meteor shower

ANS: At any given time one can see about one meteor every 5 minutes or so coming randomly from any direction in the sky.  But during a meteor shower meteors appear to come from a particular direction in sky. Lyrids appear to come from the constellation of Lyra.

FAQ:  How many meteors I am expected to see.

ANS: Under a absolutely clear dark sky condition, what is called the Zenithal Hourly Rate (ZHR) of Lyrids is expected to be about 18 meteors but it can increase up to 90.  That means under the ideal sky condition (no moon light or street light, clear dark sky etc.) and when the constellation is right over head – one might be able to observe something like from 18 to up to 90 meteors in one hour.

FAQ: So that means I can see something like one meteor every three minute to one every 40 seconds or so?

ANS: In principle yes BUT – Not really!  As said above these are the numbers given for the best sky conditions – normally one would see far less meteors than this.   Also it should be noted that under the dark sky conditions for inexperienced observe gazing for even 30 seconds can be highly boring and therefore the experience can be very disappointing.

FAQ: Well I am prepared to go through this – what should I do.

ANS: Congratulations!!  Try to go at least about 50 – 60 kilometers away from the city lights – see that your north-eastern horizon is clear and there are not artificial lights in that direction.  AND  Please visit this link for details on observing Meteor Showers

***   Happy Sky Gazing ***

 There is something more interesting coming up – a zero shadow day – check the link

On this site I am updating the forthcoming astronomical events.

The listed events here are keeping in mind observers in Indian subcontinent but are generally valid for those in the latitude range between  0 and 35 N latitude.

Unless otherwise specified all the material (text and images etc.) is generated by me and are essentially copy left. That is to say that anyone is free to make use of the material posted here. I will not put any stuff with copy write tag here.

I do not seek any credit per se.  If you make use of the material from here it would be highly appreciated. And a line of credit is indeed welcome.  But I leave that to the user.

And of course your constructive criticism is always welcome.



Arvind Paranjpye
email: paranjpye.arvind@gmail.com

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