Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for November

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for November 2018
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This month Venus reappears above the eastern horizon before the sunrise. For its morning appearance in 2018/19 and it has an interesting path. In November it rapidly climbs above the horizon, moving a bit southwards.  It reaches maximum altitude by about 3rd week of December and then continuing its southwards travel till about end of January ’19 and then moves northwards till June.

Venus is within 1.5°  of Spica (Chitra चित्रा ) on 15th. The angular diameter would be about 52 arc sec. Using a small telescope on can observe the crescent phase of Venus.

Evening sky of Nov ’18 has Jupiter getting too close to the Sun. The conjunction of Jupiter takes place on 26th and after that it reappears above the eastern horizon.  Mercury is climbing up and on 9th one can see Antares ( Jyestha जेष्ठा), Mercury and thin lunar crescent, a bit too close to the western horizon.

On 11th the Moon passes within 1.6° of Saturn.  On 23rd Moon travels through Hyades cluster and would occult many stars but this being full moon day it would be very difficult to see faint stars.  On the night of 23rd, on 24th at 02:41 Moon passes within 1.7° of Aldebaran (Rohini रोहिणी).  Then on 28th it passes through Beehive cluster in Cancer, occultating many stars of this cluster. Since leading edge of Moon will be illuminated we can only observe reappearance  of the stars.

List of Events 
Dt/dy   time    Event 
 01/Th  01:35   Moon Perigee: 370200 km 
 01/Th		Venus: 10.6° W
 02/Fr	09:46	Moon-Regulus: 2.1° S
 05/Mo	23:01	South Taurid Shower: ZHR = 10
 06/Tu	20:29	Mercury Elongation: 23.3° E
 07/We	21:32	New Moon
 09/Fr	10:26	Mercury-Antares: 1.8° N
 11/Su	21:16	Moon-Saturn: 1.6° S
 12/Mo	07:51	Moon South Dec.: 21.4° S
 12/Mo	22:18	North Taurid Shower: ZHR = 15

 13/Tu	19:34	Moon Descending Node
 14/We	21:27	Moon Apogee: 404300 km
 15/Th	04:53	Venus-Spica: 1.5° S
 15/Th	20:24	First Quarter
 16/Fr	09:46	Moon-Mars: 1.1° N

 18/Su	04:00	Leonid Shower: ZHR = 15
 23/Fr	11:09	Full Moon
 24/Sa	02:41	Moon-Aldebaran: 1.7° S
 26/Mo	07:18	Moon North Dec.: 21.5° N
 26/Mo	11:55	Jupiter Conjunction

 26/Mo	17:40	Moon Perigee: 366600 km
 27/Tu	10:48	Moon Ascending Node
 27/Tu	14:40	Mercury Inferior Conj.
 28/We	02:27	Moon-Beehive: 0.8° N
 29/Th	14:57	Moon-Regulus: 2.4° S
 30/Fr	05:49	Last Quarter

Meteor showers of the month ( From IMO Site )
The most prominent meteor showers of the month are mostly for the seasoned observers.  Casual observer is likely to get disappointed. For a brief account of meteor shower observations please visit Wish Upon a Shooting Stars.

Southern Taurids
Active from September 10th to November 20th 
The Southern Taurids are a long-lasting shower that is 
active for more than two months but rarely produces more 
than five shower members per hour, even at maximum activity. 
Velocity:  28km/sec - Parent Object: 2P/Encke


Northern Taurids 
Active from October 20th to December 10th 
This shower is much like the Southern Taurids, 
just active a bit later in the year.  
Velocity:  30km/sec - Parent Object: 2P/Encke
Active from November 6th to November 30th  
Maximum on Nov 18 at 4:00 a.m. (on the night of Nov 17) 
at Not expected to perform this year
Velocity: 71km/sec; - Parent Object: 55P/Tempel-Tuttle

(Disclaimer: Please note that the Indian names of the stars, constellations, and planets given in parenthesis for the purpose to remind the reader that India has a rich astronomical tradition. I do not subscribe to astrology.)

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