Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for November

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for November 2017
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For the Star Gazing in November click here


This list of astronomical phenomena is generated using Occult V4.0.9
by David Herald of International Occultation Timing Association.
Phases of the Moon (timings in IST hh:mm) 
Full moon:     04-Nov 10:53 
Last quarter:  11-Nov 02:07 
New moon:      18-Nov 17:12 
First quarter: 26-Nov 22:33

Nov 02 Th 19:28 Venus-Spica: 3.5° N
    04 Sa 10:53 Full Moon
    05 Su 16:52 South Taurid Shower: ZHR = 10
    06 Mo 05:39 Moon Perigee: 361400 km
    06 Mo 07:49 Moon-Aldebaran: 0.7° S
    08 We 06:58 Moon North Dec.: 19.8° N
    10 Fr 07:28 Moon-Beehive: 2.7° N
    11 Sa 02:07 Last Quarter
    11 Sa 04:10 Moon Ascending Node
    11 Sa 21:37 Moon-Regulus: 0.4° S
    12 Su 16:09 North Taurid Shower: ZHR = 15
    12 Su 23:20 Mercury-Antares: 2.2° N
    13 Mo 13:44 Venus-Jupiter: 0.3° N
    15 We 06:10 Moon-Mars: 3.4° S
    17 Fr 22:26 Leonid Shower: ZHR = 15
    18 Sa 17:12 New Moon
    21 Tu 06:04 Moon-Saturn: 3.3° S
    22 We 00:22 Moon Apogee: 406100 km
    22 We 07:36 Moon South Dec.: 20° S
    24 Fr 05:29 Mercury Elongation: 22° E
    25 Sa 13:52 Moon Descending Node
    26 Su 22:33 First Quarter
    29 We 20:00 Mars-Spica: 3.1° N
Southern Taurids (From IMO Site)
Active from September 10th to November 20th 
The Southern Taurids are a long-lasting shower that is 
active for more than two months but rarely produces more 
than five shower members per hour, even at maximum activity. 
Velocity:  28km/sec - Parent Object: 2P/Encke
Northern Taurids (From IMO Site)
Active from October 20th to December 10th 
This shower is much like the Southern Taurids, 
just active a bit later in the year.  
Velocity:  30km/sec - Parent Object: 2P/Encke
Leonids (From IMO Site)
Active from November 6th to November 30th  
Not expected to perform this year
Velocity: 71km/sec) - Parent Object: 55P/Tempel-Tuttle


(Disclaimer: Please note that the Indian names of the stars, constellations, and planets given in parenthesis for the purpose to remind the reader that India has a rich astronomical tradition. I do not subscribe to astrology.)


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I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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