Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for November

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for November 2013
For the star map click here
For the Star Gazing in November click here

This list of astronomical phenomena is generated using Occult V4.0.9
by David Herald of International Occultation Timing Association. 

 d  h (in UT)
 1  6 Venus greatest elong E(47) 
 1 20 Mercury inferior conjunction 
 2  7 Spica 0.8S of Moon Occn 
 3  7 Mercury 0.0N of Moon Occn 
 3 12 NEW MOON Eclipse 
 3 17 Saturn 1.6N of Moon 
 4    Minima of Algol 04:54 IST
 6  6 Moon furthest South (-19.6) 
 6  9 Moon at perigee 
 6 11 Saturn at conjunction 
 7    Minima of Algol 01:42 IST
 7  7 Jupiter stationary 
 7 13 Pluto 1.7S of Moon 
 9    Minima of Algol 22:31 IST
10 14 Mercury stationary 
11  7 Neptune 5.4S of Moon
12    Minima of Algol 19:20 IST
13 21 Neptune stationary
14  0 Uranus 3.2S of Moon
18  8 Mercury greatest elong W(19)
18 19 Aldebaran 2.7S of Moon
19 17 Moon furthest North (19.6)
22  4 Jupiter 5.0N of Moon
22  9 Moon at apogee
25 12 Regulus 5.3N of Moon
26  1 Mercury 0.3S of Saturn
27    Minima of Algol 03:25 IST
27 11 Mars 5.3N of Moon
29 17 Spica 0.9S of Moon Occn
30    Minima of Algol 00:14 IST (note it on the night of 29th)

Phases of the Moon (timings in IST hh:mm)
New moon:      03-Nov 18:20
First quarter: 10-Nov 11:27
Full moon:     17-Nov 20:46
Last quarter:  26-Nov 00:58

(Disclaimer: Please note that the Indian names of the stars, constellations, and planets given in parenthesis for the purpose to remind the reader that India has a rich astronomical tradition. I do not subscribe to astrology.)


About skytonight

I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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