Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for December

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for December 2018
For the star map click here
For the Star Gazing in December  click here

List of Events 
Dt/dy   time    Event 
01/Th  01:35    Moon Perigee: 370200 km
01/Sa           Venus: 39.9° W
04/Tu  00:12    Moon-Venus: 3.8° S
07/Fr  12:50    New Moon
09/Su  11:00    Moon-Saturn: 1.2° S
09/Su  16:42    Moon South Dec.: 21.5° S
10/Mo  23:27    Moon Descending Node
12/We  17:55    Moon Apogee: 405200 km
14/Fr  17:46    Geminid Shower: ZHR = 120
15/Sa  04:51    Moon-Mars: 3.9° N
15/Sa  16:29    Mercury Elongation: 21.3° W
15/Sa  17:19    First Quarter
21/Fr  13:01    Moon-Aldebaran: 1.7° S
22/Sa  01:19    Mercury-Jupiter: 0.8° N
22/Sa  03:52    Winter Solstice
22/Sa  13:33    Mercury-Antares: 6° N
22/Sa  20:38    Jupiter-Antares: 5.2° N
22/Sa  23:19    Full Moon
23/Su  02:30    Ursid Shower: ZHR = 10
23/Su  17:18    Moon North Dec.: 21.6° N
24/Mo  15:22    Moon Perigee: 361100 km
24/Mo  17:24    Moon Ascending Node
25/Tu  10:22    Moon-Beehive: 0.6° N
26/We  21:36    Moon-Regulus: 2.5° S
29/Sa  15:04    Last Quarter
Geminids (From IMO Site) 
Active from December 4th to December 17th 
The Geminids are usually the strongest meteor shower of 
the year
Velocity: 35km/sec - Parent Object: 3200 Phaethon (asteroid)
Please also visit Observing Geminids



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