Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for April

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for April 2015
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For the Star Gazing in April click here

Mercury (Budha) in Pisces (Meena) this month but crosses through the boundary of Cetus, the Whale  on the 4th and at it continues moves to Pisces again on the 6th.  And then to Aries on 15th. It is in superior conjunction with the sun on 10th.  And by the month end reappears above the western horizon.  By the month end it sets after the end of nautical twilight.  It catches up with Mars on 22nd April when it will be just about degree and a quarter from it.

Venus (Shukra) is -4.0 mag as the month begins. It  in Aries, the Ram (Mesh) to Taurus, the Bull (Vrishabh) on 8th.  It is just about 3.5 degrees from Pleiades (Kruttika) on 14th. By 15th it marginally brightens up to -4.1.

Mars (Mangal) is in Aries, the Ram (Mesh) this month.  It is now getting too close to the sun to be observed with ease. It is 1.4 mag object and still sets after the end of nautical twilight (see Mercury above), this month.

Jupiter (Guru) stars with -2.3 object and fades by 0.2 mag by the month end. It remains in Cancer, the Crab (Karka) this month.

Saturn (Shani) is 0.3 mag object that brightens to 0.1 mag by month end.    It remains in Scorpius, the Scorpio (Vrishchik).

The Sun moves from Pisces to Aries on Apr 20th.

Phases of the Moon (timings in IST hh:mm)
Full moon: 04-Apr 17:36
Last quarter: 12-Apr 09:14
New moon: 19-Apr 12:27
First quarter: 25-Apr 05:25

April 2015
 d  h                                 
 1 12  Moon at apogee                 
 4 12  FULL MOON  12:05     Eclipse   
 5  7  Spica 3.3S of Moon             
 6 14  Uranus at conjunction          
 8 11  Mercury 0.5S of Uranus         
 8 13  Saturn 2.1S of Moon            
 8 20  Jupiter stationary             
10  3  Mercury superior conjunction   
10  7  Moon furthest South (-18.2)    
11 16  Pluto 3.2S of Moon             
12  3  LAST QUARTER 03:44             
15 10  Neptune 3.4S of Moon           
17  3  Moon at perigee  03:47  361023   
17  7  Pluto stationary
18  0  Uranus 0.1N of Moon     Occn
18 19  NEW MOON
19 13  Mercury 3.4N of Moon
19 20  Mars 3.0N of Moon
21 16  Aldebaran 1.0S of Moon  Occn
22 23  Mercury 1.3N of Mars 
22 23  Moon furthest North (18.3)
26 15  Jupiter 5.3N of Moon
28  1  Regulus 3.8N of Moon
29  4  Moon at apogee

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I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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