Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for August

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for August 2015
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For the Star Gazing in August click here

Appearance of Venus and Jupiter above the western horizon for this season is nearly over now.  On the 1st of August both the planets set before the end of astronomical twilight. However, Saturn is well above the south-western horizon at the time of sunset and sets almost an hour past midnight. If the the sky clears up then it will offer and excellent view of Saturn.  On the night of 22nd Aug nearly half illuminated Moon can be seen right above Saturn.

By the month end Mars and Venus would reappear above the eastern horizon just before the break of dawn but can only be seen with some difficulty.

Mercury (Budha) moves Cancer, the Carb (Karka) to Leo, the Lion (Simha) on 1st and then to Virgo, the Virgin (Kanya) on 23rd of August.

Venus (Shukra)  moves into many constellations this month. On the 4th it moves from Leo, the Lion (Simha) to Sextant and then to Hydra, on 11th. On 14th it is back in Leo and then to Cancer on 19th.     

Mars  (Mangal) moves from  Gemini, the Twins (Mithuna) to Cancer, the Crab (Karka) on 6th .   Mars passes through Beehive from 20th to 22nd of August.

Jupiter (Guru)  remains  Leo, the Lion (Simha) this month

Saturn (Shani)  remains in  Libra, the Scale (Tula).

The Sun moves from  Cancer, the Crab (Karaka) to Leo, the Lion (Simha) on 11th

Phases of the Moon (timings in IST hh:mm)
Last quarter: 07-Aug 07:32
New moon: 14-Aug 20:23
First quarter: 23-Aug 01:01
Full moon: 30-Aug 00:05

 d  h  m (time is in IST = GMT + 5.5)                             
 2 15:32 Moon at perigee 3,62,139 km    
 7 07:32 LAST QUARTER                 
 7 13:03 Mercury 0.5N of Jupiter        
 8 01:52 Mercury 0.9N of Regulus        
 9 05:06 Aldebaran 0.7S  of Moon    
10 16:42 Moon furthest North 
11 21:10 Jupiter 0.4N Regulus        
13 08:01 Mars 5.4N of Moon              
14 20:23 NEW MOON                       
14 23:16 Venus 4.5S of Moon           
15 13:49 Regulus 3.1N of Moon   
15 15:30 Jupiter 3.5N of Moon 
15 17:03 Venus inferior conjunction 
16 18:46 Mercury 1.9N of Moon
18 08:02 Moon at apogee  4,05,849 k.m.
20 02:10 Spica 4.0S of Moon
22 23:16 Saturn 2.5S of Moon  
25 08:46 Moon furthest South 
27 03:29 Jupiter at conjunction
30 00:05 FULL MOON 
30 20:51 Moon at perigee 3,58,290 k.m. 

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I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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