Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for February

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for February 2013
For the star map click here
For the Star Gazing in February click here

Mercury (Budha) is can be seen (around Feb 16) above the western horizon soon after the sunset.  It moves from Capricornus, the Sea Goat (Makar) to Aquarius, the Water Bearer (Kumbha) on 5th of Feb and then to Pisces, the Fishes (Meena) on 20th.

Venus (Shukra) is now  too close to the sun to be seen.  It moves from Sagittarius, the Archer (Dhanu) to Capricornus, the Sea Goat (Makar) on Feb 3rd and then to Aquarius, the Water Bearer (Kumbha)  on 25th.

Mars (Mangal) to is too close to the Sun.  It remain in Aquarius, the Water Bearer (Kumbha).

Jupiter (Guru) remain in Taurus, the Bull (Vrushubh) all through the month. It is now well placed for observations in the first half of the night. It is beautifully placed between  Pleiades (Kruttika) and Aldebaran (Rohini).  Its four moons called Galilean Moons can be seen through a small telescope. Jupiter is now close the band of Milky Way and it might will be easy to mistake one of the background stars to be one of its moon.  For example, in the beginning of the month it is close to a star Omega Tau which is a bit brighter than its moon.

Saturn (Shani) is well placed in the sky for post midnight observations. It in Libra, the Scale (Tula) all through the month.

The Sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricornus on 20th.

Phases of the Moon (timings in IST hh:mm)
Last quarter:     03-Feb  19:26
New moon:      10-Feb 12:50
First quarter:    18-Feb 02:00
Full moon:     25-Feb 01:56

About skytonight

I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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  1. T.R. Thapaliya says:

    this is a very nice site where i can get the beautiful maps of sky and the information regarding the celestial objects like graha, nakshatra, sun n moon.

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