Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for June

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for June 2015
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For the Star Gazing in June  click here

June heralds the end of observing season bringing in the rainy and cloudy days. However, these monsoon months sometimes offer exceptional sky conditions.  Good shower literarily wash away the dust and smog from the atmosphere. If and when the sky clears it is quite blue with stars and planets shining brilliantly.

On the 1st of June near full moon is quite close to Saturn in the evening.  On that night at 1:40 am (i.e. of 2nd of June) the Moon passes within 2 degrees of Saturn.  It is again within 2 deg. of Saturn on 29th at 7:08 a.m. it will be below the horizon then.

Mark the third week of June.  Regulus (Magha), Jupiter and Venus are on one slanting line and are joined by the Moon. On 19th thin lunar crescent is right below Venus. Then on 20th the lunar crescent is halfway between Jupiter and Venus but to their south (or left as seen above the western horizon). Then on 21st  lunar crescent is right below Reugulus. Venus is steadily climbing above the western horizon and pairs up with Jupiter  on 1st of July.


In this very period, for a few days, one can spot Mercury above the eastern horizon, which is rising around the beginning of astronomical twilight.

Mercury (Budha) in remains in Taurus, the Bull  (Vrishabha) this month too.

Venus (Shukra) moves from  Gemini, the Twins (Mithuna) to Cancer, the Crab (Karka) on 4th and then to Leo, the Lion (Simha) on 27th  

Mars  (Mangal) moves from  Taurus, the Bull  (Vrishabha) to Gemini, the Twins (Mithuna) on 25th .  It is too close to the sun to be seen

Jupiter (Guru)  moves from Cancer, the Crab (Karka) Leo, the Lion (Simha) on 11th

Saturn (Shani)  remains in  Libra, the Scale (Tula).

The Sun moves from Taurus, the Bull  (Vrishabha) to Gemini, the Twins (Mithuna) on 23th . the summer solstice takes place on 21st at  22:07 IST.

  d   h (in IST )                             
  02 01:30  Saturn 1.9S of Moon           
  02 21:49  FULL MOON                      
  04 02:31  Moon furthest South (-18.4)      
  06 23:59  Venus greatest elong E(45)    
  09 21:12  LAST QUARTER                   
  10 10:13  Moon at perigee 369711 km                 
  12 00:04  Mercury stationary              
  12 02:10  Uranus 0.5N of Moon     
  14 19:46  Mars at conjunction        
  16 18:32  Mars 5.5N of Moon
  16 19:35  NEW MOON
  17 01:38  Moon furthest North (18.5)
  20 14:14  Venus 5.6N of Moon
  21 02:40  Jupiter 4.5N of Moon
  21 22:07  Solstice (Summer in Norther hemisphere) 
  21 23:02  Regulus 3.4N of Moon
  23 22:30  Moon at apogee  404132 km  
  24 16:62  FIRST QUARTER
  24 22:35  Mercury greatest elong W(22) 
  29 07:08  Saturn 1.9S of Moon 

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