Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for March

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena for March 2019
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For the Star Gazing in March  click here

March is the month of Vernal equinox.
It is often said that on this day the day and night are of equal duration. But that is not so.
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The morning appearance of Venus is nearly over but Jupiter and Saturn are now climbing above the eastern horizon.  By the month end Jupiter rises around local midnight and Saturn two hours after that.

Month of March 2019 begins with Jupiter, crescent Moon, Saturn and Venus in a line at dawn on 1st of March.  Then on 2nd and 3rd of March Moon is below Saturn and Venus respectively.

Moon then again passes close to Jupiter on 27th, Saturn on 29th and.

In the evening sky crescent Moon is to the south of Mars on 11th and passes through Hyades cluster on 13th and very close to Aldebaran.

On 20th of March a day before its full phase Moon occults a 4th magnitude star ν  Virginis.  It would be difficult occulatation to observe as we would be facing almost 99.5% illuminated moon.

Movement of the Sun and planets on the celestial sphere
With the knowledge of sky this information helps in getting genera
idea of visibility of planets and has no connection with astrology.
For example if a planet is in the same area of the say (given by
constellation name) then we know that the planet is either not visible or visible for a very short period of time.

The sun move from Aquarius to  Pisces on 13th of March

Mercury moves from Pisces to Aquarius on 23rd of March

Venus is in Sagittarius on 1st of March and moves to Capricorns the next day. Then on 25th it moves to Aquarius

Mars is in Aries and moves to Taurus on 24th.

Jupiter is in Ophiuchus all through this month

Saturn is in Sagittarius

Phases of the Moon (timings in IST hh:mm)
New Moon:     06-Mar-2019 21:34
First quarter: 14-Mar-2019 15:57
Full Moon:      21-Mar-2019 07:13
Last quarter:  28-Mar-2019 09:40

 d   h (in IST)
01              Venus: 40.8° W
02    00:10	Moon-Saturn: 0.3° S
03    02:58	Moon-Venus: 1.3° N
04    16:55	Moon Apogee: 406400 km
06    21:34	New Moon
07    06:18	Neptune Conjunction
13    15:43	Moon-Aldebaran: 2° S
14    15:57	First Quarter
15    07:13	Mercury Inferior Conj.
15    23:29	Moon North Dec.: 21.8° N
16    21:52	Moon Ascending Node
17    18:31	Moon-Beehive: 0.5° N
19    05:29	Moon-Regulus: 2.5° S
20    01:17	Moon Perigee: 359400 km
21    03:28	Vernal Equinox
21    07:13	Full Moon
27    07:58	Moon-Jupiter: 2° S
28    09:40	Last Quarter
28    18:32	Moon South Dec.: 21.9° S
29    10:41	Moon-Saturn: 0.1° N
29    18:38	Moon Descending Node
31    08:38	Mars-Pleiades: 3.2° S

About skytonight

I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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