Close up on Orion

Orion pronounced as ओरायन and not as ओरीयोन

Area-wise it ranks 26th, it occupies 594 square degrees of sky

Number of bright stars (in magnitude range)
up to 2.4 >>>  7
2.5 to 4.4 >>>19
4.5 to 5.5 >>>51
total >>>77

This group of stars has been known to almost every ancient civilization. The Greeks called it Orion, the Hunter – a giant human figure standing. Whereas in India Orion is generally known as Mruga (मृग) or Stag (adult male deer) and some have also called it Kalpurush (कालपुरूष). Japanese saw a drum – tsuzumi (ref site).

Orion is one of the best constellations to start learning to identify stars and constellations. It 7 brightest stars can be seen from nearly most light polluted cities and at times when the sky is really good one can count up to 20 star.



About skytonight

I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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