Minima of Algol for India

The season for observing minima of Algol for India is now over.  The next one to start in October 2019.

Minima of Algol = β Persei for 2019/20 season ( good for Indian observers)

Shall update the times of minima at a later date (please feel free to write to me if you have any questions or doubts
email to or leave a reply below)

Date and time in IST (UT +5.5hrs)
MM/DD/YYYY @  IST       Notes (UC is upper culmination)

Upper Culmination of Algol = β Persei in IST
for longitude = 82.5 deg. or 5h 30m
Observers east or west of this longitude should appropriately 
correct time  for the longitude difference. 
(See below for examples).
However, for India it is just about +/- 40 mins max
02  2h 27m
04  2h 19m
06  2h 11m
08  2h 04m
10  1h 56m
12  1h 48m
14  1h 40m
16  1h 32m
18  1h 24m
20  1h 16m  (sunrise 05:56)
22  1h 08m
24  1h 01m
26  0h 53m
28  0h 45m
30  0h 37m  (sunrise 05:59) 

02  00h 25m
04  00h 17m
06  00h 10m
08  00h 02m
10  23h 50m (sunrise 06:04)
12  23h 42m
14  23h 34m
16  23h 26m
18  23h 18m
20  23h 11m
22  23h 03m
24  22h 55m
26  22h 47m
28  22h 39m
30  22h 31m

02  22h 23m
04  22h 16m
06  22h 08m
08  22h 00m
10  21h 52m
12  21h 44m
14  21h 36m
16  21h 28m
18  21h 20m
20  21h 12m
22  21h 05m  (sunset 17:28)
24  20h 57m   
26  20h 49m
28  20h 41m
30  20h 33m  (sunset 17:33)

02  20h 21m 
04  20h 14m
06  20h 06m
08  19h 58m
10  19h 50m  (sunset 17:39)
12  19h 42m
14  19h 34m
16  19h 26m   
18  19h 19m
20  19h 11m  (sunset 17:46)
22  19h 03m
24  18h 55m
26  18h 47m
28  18h 39m
30  18h 31m  (sunset 17:52)

02  18h 20m
04  18h 12m
06  18h 04m
08  17h 56m
10  17h 48m  (sunset 17:58)

Examples of converting time
Longitude 82.5 deg corresponds to 5h 30m.(long divided by5.5)

Example for Guwahati
Longitude of Guwahati is 91deg 44m or 6h 7m 
The difference between IST and local time is then 0h 37m
Therefore, at Guwahati on Feb 10 the star will transit 
early at (17h 48 m - 0h 37m) = 17h 11m

Example for Mumbai
Longitude of Mumbai is 72deg 49m or 4h 51m 
The difference between IST and local time is then 0h 39m
Therefore, at Mumbai on Feb 10 the star will transit 
late at (17h 48 m + 0h 39m) = 18h 27m

About skytonight

I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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