Discussion about the event of 28Nov19

I am trying to put a collection of discussion (comments or questions etc.) from different groups here.

Kedar SoniWhat can you observe? Therefore what can you infer?

Dhruv NayakTime of beginning and ending of ocultation, as seen through naked eyes, through binoculars and that through telescope will all be different.
Moreover, the Jupe’s brightness wont be the same immediately before and after occulation. So time for Jupe to brighten and come back to its original magnitude will take time and hence, the time difference will also be different.

Kedar SoniNaked eye observation won’t be able to give any sensible idea of either timing or magnitude. Remember, clouds always play spoilsport.

With a basic telescope you could do these things provided you first record them as a video.

Now you would need a very precise clock synced with your video equipment down to a second at least, to get a usable detail

Dhruv Nayak Thats true. But theres no harm in trying. Lets assume that the universe, grants us a clear sky on that day and night, then what about the naked eye observation part?

  • Kedar Soni  Dhruv Nayak even if skies are clear timing the events will never be more precise than a few seconds. 
    If your interest is to do a casual experiment, no worries. You’ll get a good experience. 
    If however your want to use the data scientifically, you’ll need more systematic setup
    Dhruv Nayak Kedar Soni Sir, agreed. So bhale hi scientifically na sahi, but casual experiement ke taur pe toh ho hi sakta hai na? Atleast we will get some result. We can then put them forth before the group
  • Dhruv Nayak Or atleast we can discuss about it. That info will be of some or the other use to someone. Who knows? We might get to learn and observe something new.

Anirudh ThakarSir, I have 8 inch reflector dobsonian. I will try to get photo of this event

Sanjay Yashwant Sohani  Sir,the drik Panchang longitude positions of Moon & Jupiter on 29 th Oct (as Panchang usually show positions of a day from Sun rise)is almost 30° apart.Moon – 29° Libra and Jupiter- 28° Scorpius.However position of 31 Oct is quite close.Image shared.So the occultation is on 31st October Sun set?


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I am the present Director of Nehru Planetarium of Nehru Centre Mumbai, India I like to talk about astronomy and sky observations to general public.
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