Notes on special events

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Finding Uranus and Neptune – Though this 7th planet Uranus in the solar system was discovered using a telescope it can actually become bright enough to be seen with naked eyes.  But a pair of binoculars makes it easier.

Discovery of Neptune was incompletely based on mathematical computation and then found using a telescope.  Neptune, thought just beyond the limits of visual limits it is not impossible observe this using a 7×50 binocular.

This link gives you finding charts for Uranus and Neptune.

Minima of Algol – algol is an eclipsing variable star – in just 5hr it’s magnitude drops from 2.1 to 3.4 and then back to 2.1 in next 5 hrs. This is fun to observe.

Wish Upon a Shooting Star – a soft-copy of the booklet that was printed at IUCAA. This is about meteor, meteor showers and observing meteor showers.

The Blue Moon   According to recent folklore the second full moon of the Month is called Blue Moon.

Zero Shadow Day  (ZSD) for those live on the latitude between -23.5 and +23.5 deg twice every year the shadow is right below their feet.

ZSD over Indian Cities : Check when would your city will have ZSD

Are Day and Night equal on the Equinox day?

Mars Hoax – it appears to be yearly ritual to ‘blindly’ forward email with subject header as “Do not miss Mars will be closest to the Earth this year”

Ashen Light of Venus While observing Venus on January 9, 1643, Italian astronomer Giovanni Riccioli observed  that the darker side of Venus had a faint greyish glow. He called ‘The ashen light of Venus.

दशम पद्धती – handy guide to English to Indian units

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